Reference book

Reference book

Swimming pool pumps 4.0 New specialist book "Swimming pool pumps 4.0" published

Discover the new version of the specialist book "Swimming pool pumps 4.0" by Sascha Korupp and learn more about pumps in swimming pool technology.

With the conviction that 10 years after the first publication of "Swimming pool pumps" it was time to think about a new edition, Sascha Korupp started revising the reference book for the pumps used in pool technology in 2021, whereby he was inspired by many professionals working in the company. The new work was presented to the interested specialist audience for the first time at the Interbad in Stuttgart and immediately met with a great response.

Swimming pool pumps 4.0 will be published in German and English and is intended to give users an understanding of how to use the pumps and give them a look at the related subject areas of the new specialist book "Swimming pool pumps 4.0" published pump technology. In addition to the pump topics already described in the first volume, the reference book shows their structure, selection and installation as well as numerous extensions for planners, system builders and operators who deal with pumps and pump systems in swimming pool technology. Finally, the book is intended to provide an understanding of the entire range of pump technology in the pools, which also includes the important topics of resource efficiency or digitization in order to make the system operation as optimal and sustainable as possible.

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