Sewage technology

Sewage technology

IE5 and IE3 motors for sewage technology More power, more efficiency, more economy!

The most efficient drive solution for sewage technology

Herborner Pumptechnik has optimised the area of sewage pump technology with great innovative power and considerably improved the energy efficiency of its pump motor technology. The use of powerful, extremely efficient PM motors (permanent magnet motors) not only enables Herborner close coupled sewage pumps to save huge amounts of energy, they also work up to 13% more effectively. The PM motors of today already continuously achieve efficiency levels that comply with the Ultra Premium Efficiency IE5. In addition, the UNIVERS-T model submersible motor pumps are now also fitted with the new IE3-class motors in order to boost efficiency to the highest possible level in this area too. Thus a universal concept is used with powerful hydraulic systems performing at the highest level of process reliability and efficiency due to the new types of motor. Life-cycle-costs are thus kept to an absolute minimum.

Definitely the optimum solution

Herborner sewage pumps can be used for an incredibly broad range of applications. The pumps convey dirty water, industrial sewage and raw community sewage with a high degree of reliability – even under the toughest conditions. Experience that extra level of efficiency and quality you can count on with products from Herborner Pumpen! Whether a close coupled sewage pump or a submersible motor pump – with Herborner sewage pumps, driven by motors running at highest energy efficiency levels, you are sure to have more effective, powerful solutions that give you a clear technological lead.

The graph below illustrates the efficiency advantage that motors according to IE5 and IE3 provide. The table shows the energy classification of electric motors.

Energy classification of electric motors
Efficiency comparison IE2 - IE3 - IE4 - IE5 for 2-pole motors
IE5 motors for UNIVERS-A and IE3 motors for UNIVERS-T

UNIVERS-A series close coupled sewage pumps are ideal for use in process engineering applications and now also available with PM motor according to IE5.

UNIVERS-T series submersible motor pumps are particularly well suited for pumping uncleaned sewage and dirty water. They are now also available with highly efficient motors and efficiencies according to IE3.

Advantages in comparison with asynchronous motors

In comparison with the asynchronous motors mainly used in sewage technology, the new PM motor has clear advantages. This is because asynchronous motors have a lower efficiency than synchronous motors due to rotor slippage. The smaller the asynchronous motor, the higher the losses and thus the worse the efficiency. For this type of application, PM motors are the optimum alternative. They already reach efficiencies that are required in the future by law, and consistently achieve motor efficiencies that complies with the highest currently achievable efficiency class IE5. If the pump is additionally run at lower speeds by means of the frequency converter needed for its operation, the motor runs even more efficiently in the partial load range. Unlike conventional asynchronous motors, the efficiency hardly drops at all in this range.

The new motor technology offers decisive advantages:
  • More performance due to higher efficiency
  • High energy savings reduce operating costs and boost profitability
  • Reduced CO2 emissions due to lower power consumption
The ideal solution for every requirement

All you need is a good solution for sewage technology? With its new motor technologies, Herborner Pumpentechnik offers you the best solution when it comes to sewage pumps. Get to know more about our products and you are bound to be convinced! We will be happy to explain the benefits of motors to you personally and make you a specific quotation for your particular application.