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Operational safety comes first with our new Smart Service. With the help of HP.INTELLIGENCE in combination with the latest and most innovative sensors, we can precisely read out and evaluate all data from our pumps. Thanks to this variety of new and previously lost digital information, we can determine any maintenance and repair work that may arise in advance and prepare and implement it individually tailored to the individual pump.

The intelligence of the pump

With HP.INTELLIGENCE, we are moving our pumps into the age of INDUSTRY 4.0 and thus starting a new era in pump technology. And of course the intelligence lies in the mind: We present HP.MIND, the mind of the pump.

  • Easy integration into your system - Plug & Play
  • Latest sensor and actuator technology via bus or M12 connection
  • Intuitive operation via touchscreen
  • Easy menu navigation similar to that of modern smartphones
  • Highest security and role definition through selectable user profiles
  • Uncomplicated remote access via your preferred hardware from anywhere when using HP.IOT cloud technology
  • System integration of frequency inverters and sensors into one intelligent unit

Improved comfort

High performance

Maximum security

Optimization & efficiency


HP.INTELLIGENCE relies on the latest cloud technology with the highest and tested security requirements in order to offer you the best cloud solution that is possible in pump technology. In order to meet the high demands of data security, we use German cloud servers. Anywhere, anytime and even with the device of your choice, you can access all important information about your pumps via the digital twin. No rolling books or long waiting times in customer service hotlines before commissioning: HP.INTELLIGENCE is as intuitive and user-friendly as using an app on a smartphone. You will see your pumps very differently in the future - we promise!


Thanks to the immediate availability of all live pump operation data from our internal pump experts, we can contribute our 147 years of experience in pump technology. With the help of the HP.IOT cloud technology, we are able to set your pumps directly to the respective operating states and thus increase their energy efficiency again. This information is of course not only reserved for us, you can also use this valuable information to adapt and optimize your pump to meet your specific requirements. A variety of intuitive tools will help you with this. On your PC, tablet or smartphone.

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