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Herborner Pumps

Synonym for quality in pump technology

Herborner Pumpen develops the most innovative and high quality pumps in the world in order to make water operation as efficient, environmentally friendly and profitable as possible. Our vision is to offer the technically best energy-saving product for the fields of water such as swimming pools, ships and sewage.

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Why you should choose Herborner pumps:
Digitization of pump technology
Technology leader for pumps in selected industries worldwide
Market leader in public pools in Europe and North America

We design and manufacture the world's most innovative pumps with the highest quality to make our client's operations more effective, eco-friendly and profitable!

Wolfram Kuhn, Managing Director

Our contribution to resource conservation

560kWp installed PV power

937,55 t

CO2 savings
154,88 t

this year


Your innovative partner in these areas

Swimming-pool and clean-water technology

Sewage technology

Ship technology

Industrial technology

process engineering

Execution and maintenance of municipal Supply and disposal systems

Swimming-pool and clean-water technology
the ideal solutions for every application

Highly regarded. Indispensable. Exceptional. Our high-quality pumps for clean-water applications are an indispensable component in industrial water treatment systems and swimming pools. Whether it's self-priming pumps, circulator pumps or block pumps you need, we can draw on our comprehensive range of products and provide you with the ideal solution for any area of application. Our aim is to meet complex requirements in the best possible way. To this end, we offer energy-efficient products that make use of special materials, such as pumps with 100 percent protection against corrosion.

Sewage technology
efficient solutions made to measure

The communities, organizations and companies are using our sewage pumps for their sewage, industrial and communal wastewater. They can always rely on the operational capability of our pumps – also under special contamination. For extreme working conditions, we developed the rubber-lined pumps for minimum abrasion. Thanks to the high quality of our pumps they have a maximum service life.

Ship technology
high demands on board

As one of the market leaders for marine pumps, we are proud to know that our high standards are realised in ideal products. No matter which system technology you are planning to use or currently constructing in terms of shipbuilding, we are prepared. Today, Herborner Pumpentechnik pumps are key components used in modern shipbuilding and the offshore industry – whether on extremely heavy oil platforms, luxurious cruise vessels or yachts. Our marine pumps and pump components are integral elements for high-performance system engineering for ships of any kind – from icebreakers to container vessels or in technical systems for the fish-processing industry. We also offer energy-efficient drives for environmentally friendly operation.

Industrial technology
Innovative solutions for conveying tasks

The conveying tasks of the industry have always been one of our main concerns. Based on our extensive understanding of tasks and processes, we offer customised solutions that meet even the highest demands. There are almost no limits for the deployment of our industrial pumps, due to which our high-tech solutions are particularly used for various conveyor tasks in industry and equipment engineering. The many variations of our block pump series herborner and UNIBLOCK, our proven sewage pumps and an extensive range of efficient vertical pumps, provide impressive evidence that we have the best suitable answers to all conveyor tasks of the industry.

In addition to our international dealer network, our head office in Herborn and our factory in Landsberg near Halle are also at your disposal. You should also make use of our innovative and value-preserving services. Our maintenance service, for example, ensures that your pumps will remain available for years on end without problems. That saves time – and costs. And if a pump does fail unexpectedly? Then you will be able to reach a helpful, competent person at any time by contacting our head office. 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. A reassuring feeling.

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