HP.INTELLIGENCE - simplifying the daily routine in swimming pool facilities

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Simplifying the daily routine in swimming pool facilities

Digitizing pump operation in swimming pools using HP.INTELLIGENCE

The challenge for those responsible for swimming pools

Today, the daily routine of specialists for swimming pool facilities is characterized by a multitude of new tasks on top of the day-to-day responsibilities of awarding swimming certificates and the care and supervision of the pool guests. For example, the technical system must also be cleaned and inspected and the water quality maintained.

The task of supervising the technology used for water preparation and attractions includes the care of the installed pumps. Depending on the exposure of the swimming pool to contaminant particles, there is a corresponding need to clean the prefilter of the integrated circulation pumps. It goes without saying that employees of outdoor swimming pools must clean more frequently than their indoor pool colleagues. However, whether the filter actually needs cleaning or not is first discovered by responsible staff when they are actually holding the filter in their hand. Once or twice per year, they have the additional job of lubricating the roller bearings of the motors. This very important work aids in extending the life of the bearings up to the limit of the service life of the material, which is significantly longer than that of the grease, thereby minimizing the life cycle costs (LCC) of the pump. And lastly, depending on the pump, the ventilator caps are dismantled in the outdoor pools and in the winter season in order to turn the pump shafts regularly, thereby preventing the rotating parts from becoming blocked and the mechanical seals from sticking, as well as to minimize damage. This effort must be made by the person responsible for the pool in addition to their actual duties mentioned above. It would be practical and time-saving if one knew when a filter actually needs cleaning and when the bearings must be lubricated.

The solution from Herborner Pumpen – HP.INTELLIGENCE

As the market leader and specialist for swimming pool pumps, Herborner Pumpen has worked on the optimization of all work concerning pump operation in swimming pool technology. The result is the transfer of pumps into the digital age with HP.INTELLIGENCE. This makes the pumps intelligent and offers options of interaction that would have been impossible previously. For example, the software allows pump monitoring via cloud technology to determine the best time for cleaning the prefilter. In addition, based on the recorded loading of the motor and thus the roller bearings, HP.INTELLIGENCE indicates the best time to lubricate the bearings. This knowledge leads to an improved working method on the part of those responsible for the existing pump technology and saves unnecessary actions and time. A service calendar with important information is also available, as well as the complete technical documentation for the pumps installed on site. To supplement this, the required spare parts including accessories can be ordered very easily using an online sales catalog. There are also tools such as a weather indicator, which is especially advantageous for outdoor pools because it allows appropriate actions to be implemented in the event of a bad weather forecast. One of these possible actions would be to reduce the speed of the pumps, since during this time, no guests are allowed in the pool and the water purification system can be adapted to save power. Moreover, the ventilation caps must no longer be removed in the winter season because in the future, there will be a controlled and monitored short start-up of the pumps, which will make this type of work redundant.

We are facing a new digital age of pump technology in swimming pools. With HP.INTELLIGENCE, those responsible for swimming pools will have all the digital options for efficient pump operation and an intelligent pool control system at their disposal.

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published on 01.09.2021, Herborner Pumpentechnik GmbH & Co KG