Pump Efficiency Check

Pump Efficiency Check

We analyze the efficiency of your pump plant and help you with optimization


Our aim is clear: to make the best possible use of the energy supplied to the pump system. Not only do energy savings benefit the environment; they also save costs, which can make a significant contribution to your competitiveness and future viability.

To this end, we focus our efforts on the actuators in your pump system and make sure they are perfectly coordinated with each other.

Together we reach the goal of eliminating avoidable energy losses. Benefit from our expertise here!

Increasing energy efficiency is a debt we owe to coming generations; it's our duty to use energy responsibly and with sustainability in mind.


We survey your facility before every pump audit and assess the potential for making savings.

It is important for us to know your objectives, so that we can shape the audit to meet your requirements.


If the preliminary analysis reveals that there is potential for savings in your facility, we carry out a detailed evaluation.

We examine your pumps and control devices in detail and ascertain the optimum configuration for your application.

Catalogue of measures C

We sum up the potential for savings that can be exploited in your facility and include them in your catalogue of measures.

This also contains the optimisation measures required in your specific case to save energy and costs.


Since we have both set ourselves the goal of saving energy in your pump systems, we offer you a partnership.

On request, we can take on the maintenance of your pumps in order to keep your pump system working at the highest possible level of energy efficiency.

Funding opportunities?

Yes, there are funding opportunities from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) - for municipalities and industry. We are happy to help you with the application.