UNIVERS-A AQR Sewage pump with open one or two-channel impeller and automatic non-clogging system


The sewage block pump series UNIVERS-A enables numerous pumping applications for sewage and waste water based on various hydraulic pump systems. This flexibility is also reflected in the variety in diverse motor concepts. This enables adjustment of the overall efficiency of the unit to meet the individual requirements of customers.

Steepest characteristic of the dirty water pumps. Largest allowable grain size for foreign objects. The suction height is reduced compared to all other impellers. Cheap for raw sewage. Suitable for parallel operation.


Swimming pool pumps

Ship pumps

Sewage pumps

Industrial pumps

Available in USA

Available in Canada



Raw sewage

Long-fiber ingredients

Acid or alkali (special)

Brine resistance available


Compact design

Stainless steel available


Radial impeller without cover

Wastewater impeller open


Reinforced bearing

IE5 PM motor available


Fibre cutting device

Double mechanical seal available


Tank mounting

Process design

Vertical installation

Horizontal installation

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